Stuff We Can Leave in 2013

Since the year is almost over, I figured I would jump on the overcrowded and almost beaten to death list train. We saw plenty of annoying trends this past year, and some of them, like the mirror selfie, we’ll definitely see more of in the new year. But if I get to decide, I say we leave the following in 2013:

1) Keep Calm and…

Was this ever fun? Someone send me a fun and original one please. 

2) Candy Crush

I know people who spend actual money and several hours per day on this game. That’s not OK. Please stop.

3) Taking Pictures with iPads

I refuse to explain myself.

4) Mustaches (Real & Fake)

Unless you’re Magnum P.I. I strongly suggest you knock it off this very instance. 

5) Bitstrips

Please see explanation from No.1.

6) “Funny” Hashtags

Posting a picture of cookies and tagging it #nomnomnom #Iamcookiemonster #crushingtreats #seeyacookies

7) Grumpy Cat

If you love something set it free, make sure it never comes back and never talk about it again. Ever.

8) People on Facebook Whining About Facebook

At least have the common decency to tweet about it.

9) Insane Social Media Posts

“LIKE if you love Jesus, keep scrolling if you’re the son of Satan”

“Share if you care about children with cancer. Ignore if you don’t”

10) Reality TV

This scenario is so unrealistic it makes me sad.

11) Phone Obsessions

I saw a group of six young adults sitting together at a coffee shop the other day. Every single person played with their phone, and no one said a word for the two minutes I observed them while in line. Watch this, then go out and be a better person, please. 

12) Vaguebooking


“So over this.”

“I can’t believe what just happened!!!”

13) Articles about Breaking the Internet

14) Lists

Just kidding.


Instagram Direct: Selective Sharing is Caring

Did you happen to notice the new little icon in the top right corner of Instagram? That is a new private messaging feature called Instagram Direct, and it’s expected to be a big deal. 

The new addition, which was officially announced and released yesterday, will allow users to send a photo or video privately to as many as fifteen followers in real time, and also have private conversations around those same photos. As of right now, users can only DM text along with photos, but I doubt anyone thinks that’s a big deal. It is a photo sharing app after all.

The people who thought Instagram founder Kevin Systrom would use the New York City event to launch some sort of Snapchat-like feature were both right and wrong, depending on how you look at it. While images and messages won’t disappear after a set time, the ability to view images in private will surely entice Snapchat users.   

What all of this really means is that most major social networks are starting to look the same. Twitter recently added the ability to send photos in direct messages, while Facebook has been beefing up its Messenger app in recent months in an attempt to improve its position in the messaging market.

So, now that most of the major players offers similar features, which one is your favorite?

Banned Hashtags Returning to Instagram

Remember last spring when Instagram decided to ban certain hashtags? They’re back.

Any sensitive material, including racism, porn, violence and self-harm, has been prohibited on Instagram for quite some time. Last year, the company even decided to block certain hashtags in an attempt to discourage such content. The social media giant decided to make some hashtags, such as #thinspiration, unsearchable. The ban, which never seemed to have truly served its purpose in the first place, has now apparently been revoked.

The sudden change of heart might have to do with the fact that Australian entrepreneur Nick Drewes revealed a list of banned hashtags, which included #bitch, #fuck and #thinspo, in late August.  Instagram has backed down since the list was published, without really explaining why. All we know is that the hashtags are searchable again, but with a little twist:


While the effectiveness of these bans and policies can be questioned, cracking down on certain hashtags makes it harder for people to promote and share inappropriate content, and that’s a good thing. The problem is that it is difficult for Instagram to serve as the morality police and draw the line, when the responsibility of policing inappropriate images ultimately will fall on the users themselves. 

10 Unusual Airport Outfits

Because I’m a little bored and because lists are so 2013. It’s also Friday.

1)   Pants are for peasants


2)   … And don’t even get me started on shirts!


3)   Wish I knew what brand it was because I want one.


4)   I’m really, really, really, really sorry Tupac.


5)   Less is more and camouflage is classy.


6)   Guaranteed #1 on the Holiday Hot List. Either you get it or you don’t. 


7)   How To: Care 0%


8)   If you got it, flaunt it! If you don’t get your shit together.


9) What was he thinking wearing navy blue to the airport?


10) It’s a poodle and you know it